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Avoiding medical negligence injuries: 4 tips for patients

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is devastating for patients. If you are receiving medical care of any kind, you’ll want to cover your bases by being proactive when dealing with doctors and surgeons. After all, medical professionals are not immune to mistakes, and medical errors are the leading cause of death in the United States.

When you need medical treatment, you can rely in part on your commonsense to determine whether a medical professional’s actions (or lack of action) is in your best interests. Additionally, the following tips could help save your life:

1. Ask as many questions as you can

When you ask questions, you might get the information you need to prevent a serious mistake. For example, always ask questions to clarify potential side effects or potential problems that could develop as a result of your doctor’s proposed ideas for treatment.

Don’t ever be shy to ask your doctor every question that pops into your head, as your questions and concerns could help your doctor provide the appropriate care.

2. Research information on your own

Just because your doctor says something doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the final word. In fact, you can find a wealth of information on the internet that can help you understand various symptoms and illnesses. By conducting your research, you can also double check whether the information provided by your doctor is true. If you find anything that appears to contradict what your doctor told you, be sure to ask your doctor about it during a consultation.

3. Get a second opinion

When your doctor has given you a serious prognosis that requires surgery or some other kind of major medical procedure, be sure to get a second opinion. Not all doctors agree on treatment protocol, and you may be surprised by the differences of opinion among doctors.

4. If you get hurt as a result of medical malpractice

If you suffered a serious injury because your doctor made a mistake, or if your doctor left you in worse shape than when you were before, you might want to learn more about your legal options. Unfortunately, medical negligence leads to serious injuries and death each year, and patients who suffer due to medical negligence can take legal action to obtain compensation and hold the responsible parties accountable.