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How can road rage lead to car accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Personal Injury

A momentary burst of frustration may lead to poor decisions while on the road. However, a long string of anger-fueled choices can leave another driver seriously harmed.

Learning about how road rage can influence accidents can help you if you are struggling with an injury from a crash.


According to NBC News, the more a driver chooses to speed over the legal limit, the more likely he or she will fail to stop in time if there is a sudden obstacle. Even a few seconds of hesitation or confusion can cause a car to sideswipe or crash into another vehicle.

You can easily spot an angry driver if you notice erratic movements on the road and can see yelling or screaming from inside the car.

Lack of focus

People with road rage who angrily pursue other people on the road tend to become distracted by their emotions and miss road signs. These signs can range from warning drivers about a steep curve to stop signs at a busy intersection.

An angry driver could also easily cut off a car trying to pass into another lane on the highway without realizing the danger of that situation.


If you see someone following closely behind you, you may try to continue on without interacting with them. However, people who tailgate can obsessively follow another vehicle down multiple roads, as well as continually honk or even brake check you if they end up driving in front of you.

This kind of aggressive driving can lead to head-on collisions and serious crashes. Noticing the signs of road rage causing a car accident can help you determine what to do next.