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How can scaffolds lead to serious head injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Firm News

Working multiple feet above the ground can lead to serious injuries in several scenarios. When you are on a scaffold, you may worry about what could happen if you stumble or trip.

Head injuries can prevent you from working or even driving. When you are on a construction site, you should stay aware of the ways that these personal injuries can happen.

Slip and falls

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your coworkers may leave items out on various walkways while working if they are busy. Even a small hammer or a misplaced ruler can make you trip while standing above a dangerous area.

All workers should take notice of what equipment they use and store it properly once they finish using it. Ignoring these rules can leave you at risk for a head injury if you fall from a scaffold.

Poor choices during construction

Constructing a scaffold is an important process since there are so many ways that the parts could fall apart or break once a person uses it. If workers are rushing or not following OSHA guidelines, then it could seem safe at first but collapse once you walk on it. Your bosses choosing to not do an inspection can also lead to the scaffold breaking.

Lack of safety rails

Walking along small or rickety platforms can leave you at risk for an injury if there is nothing to hold onto. Most scaffolds should have secured guide railings that you can hold onto, and if they do not, then your workplace may not be following safety guidelines properly.

Being aware of all the dangers of a construction site can help you if you suffered a head injury after an accident.