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How do I choose the right executor for my estate?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Wills & Estates

One of the goals of estate planning is to avoid family drama. The period of time after your death is likely to be extremely emotional for your family. The last thing that anybody needs is to fight over the estate.

Your choice of executor is one of many actions you can take to prevent family strife over your estate. According to FindLaw, some qualities of good executors include honesty, attention to detail, and good communication.

The importance of communication

Again, in order to prevent potential fights between family members, good communication from the executor is key. Good communication can prevent challenges to your estate.

If you have strained family dynamics, you do not need to choose a beneficiary as an executor. You can also choose a bank, a probate law firm or a corporate trustee to be the executor. This may also apply to you if you have no surviving family or friends.

Consider an alternate

If you have more than one person in mind for the position of executor, consider naming one an alternate. It may be that your primary choice for executor ends up turning down the role, or predeceases you. If nobody is willing to be the executor for your estate, then the courts will choose an executor on your estate’s behalf.

It is wise to have an open discussion with your family about who you are selecting to be your executor, and why. The more open you are with your beneficiaries about your choice of executor, the less likely it is that conflict will arise after your death.