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What are the possible outcomes of a slip and fall?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

The embarrassment you feel tripping or slipping while out and about may propel you back to a standing position. However, in some cases, this may make any possible injuries worse.

While some injuries from a fall may go away quickly, others may take time and medical attention. Learn more about common injuries that may result from a slip or trip and fall.

Common fall injuries

When you fall, the damage depends largely on the mechanics of the fall. For example, a slip on an icy patch may send you careening down on your tailbone, while a trip over a raised sidewalk may pitch you forward onto your hands and knees. Get a general sense of some of the more likely injuries that result from a fall.

Muscle strains or sprains

Soft tissue injuries, especially in the hands and lower legs, often result from a fall. The treatment may include pain medication and physical therapy.

Back injury

Any fall may send a force through the body and into the back, especially when you wind up landing on your tailbone or flat on the back. While some back injuries may occur to the muscle, others may affect the spinal column and the cord. Any back pain you experience in the wake of a fall requires medical attention.

Head injury

You should visit a physician for concussion testing protocol when your head hits the floor. Concussions, even minor ones, are common fall injuries. While they usually heal with minimal treatment, it is better to get a diagnosis and medical guidance on handling any damage to the skull and brain.

A bruised ego is better than a serious injury. Asking for help after a fall may lead to a speedier recovery.