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Can you tell if the nursing home is neglecting your loved one?

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Nursing Home Malpractice

A visit to your loved one in a nursing home should not turn into a stressful prospect. However, if your loved one is not receiving proper care, it may rise to neglect or abuse.

Learn some signs that the nursing home is not performing as it should in caring for those who reside there.

Are there unexplained injuries?

An uptick in physical injuries may point to neglect or even abuse. Frequent falls may prove that there are too few staff members to help ambulate patients safely. If you visit and notice signs of injury, but the staff claims not to know what happened or simply did not inform you, it is a red flag that insufficient patient care is taking place.

Is there a personality change?

No two people react the same way to stress or trauma, and your loved one may exhibit signs of abuse or neglect differently. A change in personality, from upbeat to resigned or angry, may warrant further investigation. Some nursing home residents even request that families stop visiting in order to hide what is happening.

Does the doctor express concerns over pressure sores?

A routine doctor’s exam may reveal that your loved one has bedsores. These manifest in areas of the body that remain in contact with a surface for too long. It is a sign that the staff is not helping circulate your loved one enough in their bed or getting them moving as they should.

Nursing homes must adhere to a standard of care that puts patients above profits. Should you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse, you should contact someone who can help.