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Disinheriting a loved one without a legal fight

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Wills & Estates

One of the most common reasons why people contest a will following their loved one’s death is being disinherited. If you leave someone out of your will, they may contest it on the belief that it was an error. This often leads to significant delays in the probate process.

Avoid any confusion or doubt by addressing the omission.

Name anyone you omitted

Choosing to disinherit someone is your right, but it can eliminate confusion and uncertainty if you address the individual in your will. Name anyone you have disinherited and specify that their omission is intentional. You can take the opportunity to explain the reason for the omission if you wish.

Put everything in a trust

Instead of distributing assets with a will, put everything into a trust with specific beneficiaries. Putting everything into a trust is an easy way to simplify asset distribution, especially when you want to disinherit someone.

Add a video testimonial

If you have any reason to worry about the disinherited family member calling your will validity into question, you can reduce a lot of the confusion and uncertainty by adding a video recording as part of your estate planning records. Detail your wishes in the video to address any doubts about your intentions.

Contesting a will can delay it in probate for months, which can keep your family from moving forward. The most common reason for someone to contest a will is omission. Reduce the risk of a dispute by following these steps to illustrate your intentions.