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What can lead to overworked staff neglecting elderly people?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2024 | Nursing Home Malpractice

As the population gets older, people rely more on places like nursing homes. However, there is a problem hiding in the shadows.

Sometimes employees who work in these places do not give elderly folks the care they need.

Staffing shortages

One reason elderly folks might not get the care they need is because there are not enough staff members. When workers have too much to do, they might forget to properly feed, bathe or give medicine to each resident as they should.

Lack of training or support

In addition to staffing shortages, inadequate training increases the problem of elder neglect. Some employees may lack the skills and knowledge to effectively care for elderly residents.

Without proper training, they may neglect basic needs or fail to recognize signs of health complications like bedsores. Moreover, the lack of support from management can leave staff feeling isolated and overwhelmed, further compromising the quality of care.


Working in the field of elder care can be emotionally taxing, leading to burnout and compassion fatigue among staff members. Constant exposure to the suffering and decline of residents can desensitize caregivers to the struggles of older individuals, making them less empathetic to their needs as time goes on. For example, this can lead to workers failing to provide solid meals and toileting help to residents.

To make sure older folks stay safe, loved ones must stay aware of the signs of neglect and malpractice. If elderly individuals are struggling with injuries, they may want to seek fair compensation.