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How car collisions can damage soft tissue

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2018 | Car Accidents

Drivers in Pennsylvania should be aware that car accidents sometimes lead to injuries that may not be immediately noticeable. Soft tissue injuries are a major example of this. These injuries occur when a collision shocks the body and causes the soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) to stretch considerably. An injury can consist of strain, sprains, or tears.

The most common symptoms are chronic pain and swelling. To this might be added bleeding and loss of function in the neck. Regardless of their severity, symptoms have a way of appearing at different times; some experience them hours after an accident, others only days after it. Soft tissue damage cannot be perceived by X-ray, leading some victims to delay medical treatment and, thus, inhibit the healing process.

An injury to the neck tissue is known as whiplash. It’s an all too common condition that leads to shooting pains in the neck, back, and shoulders; neck stiffness; and an overall burning and tingling sensation. Victims may even experience headaches, light-headedness, and bouts of memory loss.

Serious cases of whiplash could involve dysfunction in the spine joints or herniated discs in the spinal cord. Lastly, whiplash victims are at increased risk for depression and anxiety. This is often connected to PTSD.

When the victim of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident suffers a soft tissue injury, he or she may be compensated for medical bills and pain and suffering, among other losses, if it can be shown that the other driver was negligent. A personal injury lawyer may be able to evaluate the claim and, if it’s a valid one, hire various experts to document it.

This could involve accident investigators, photographers, and medical experts. Once the extent of the injury has been determined, the lawyer may estimate a settlement and negotiate for it with the auto insurance company.