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The most common causes of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Blog

Even with strict laws in place, distracted driving remains a problem throughout the entire country. There will always be people who fall prey to distractions when driving, which increases the likelihood of causing an accident.

Understanding the top causes of distracted driving will help you avoid trouble while behind the wheel. Here are five causes to protect against:

  • General distraction: This may be nothing more than daydreaming, but it’s extremely dangerous when operating a motor vehicle. Your focus must be on the road, not what you’re having for dinner, your big meeting at work or your plans for the weekend.
  • Cellphone: It doesn’t matter if you’re talking, texting or browsing the internet, using your cellphone while driving is a big mistake. Not only does it take your attention away from the road, but you’ll also find yourself driving with one (or no) hand.
  • Passengers: When driving with others, it’s easy to get caught up in conversation. It’s just as easy to horse around. Let your passengers know that you must focus on the road to maintain a high level of safety.
  • Drinking or eating: This is a mistake that many people make, as they enjoy drinking or eating in the car to save time or to simply put a smile on their face. Just the same as using a cellphone, drinking or eating calls for you to take your eyes off the road and at least one hand off the wheel.
  • Adjusting vehicle controls: Your vehicle has many controls, ranging from the radio to the sunroof to your power seat. Adjusting any of these things while your vehicle is in motion is a mistake, as it takes your attention away from the task at hand. It’s recommended to pull over safely to execute even these seemingly simple tasks (that most of us tend to do while driving).

In addition to avoiding these things, pay attention to other drivers on the road. For example, if you see someone texting, move as far away from them as possible.

If you’re injured in a distracted driving accident caused by another person, move to safety and call 911 for help. Once your health is stabilized and you understand your injuries, file an insurance claim and learn more about the many ways to obtain compensation from the negligent party.

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