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What are some examples of attractive nuisances?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Blog, Personal Injury

Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful yard with features like a pool or a treehouse. However, some items that make a person’s yard enjoyable for them can be physically unsafe for children walking around on the property.

These features, known as attractive nuisances, attract curious youngsters who may not fully grasp the potential risks involved. Property owners have a responsibility to avoid unreasonable risk for children, even if these kids trespass on the property.

Swimming pools

On a nice day, a sparkling pool can be hard to resist. However, pools without proper safety measures can be dangerous, especially if kids are wandering around outside. Putting up fences with self-closing gates can help keep children out when they should not be in an area.


Trampolines are a source of great enjoyment for people of any age, but they can also be risky. Kids might not realize they can get hurt if they bounce too high or if too many people are jumping at once. Setting rules like only one person at a time and making sure an adult is watching can help keep accidents from happening.


Having a treehouse is great, but it is important to keep it safe for young members of society. Tall trees and wooden platforms can lead to falls and injuries. Putting up sturdy railings and checking that the treehouse is safe to play in can help prevent accidents.

Abandoned appliances

Old appliances like refrigerators or washing machines might seem easy to dump outside at first, but they can be dangerous, especially if they have rust on them. Kids could get stuck inside or hurt if they climb around on these old items. It is best to dispose of these appliances properly.

By knowing about these dangers and taking steps to make things safe, homeowners can try to keep everyone out of harm’s way. When children do face personal injuries, their parents or guardians may want to seek fair compensation.