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The dangers of fall driving in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2019 | Blog

As a Pennsylvania resident, you’re aware of the beauty of the fall season. From the cool, crisp weather to the changing leaves, it’s truly one of the best times of the year.

While you’re soaking up the season, don’t lose sight of the many dangers associated with fall driving. Here are five things you should be aware of:

  • Back to school traffic: With students back in the swing of things, you can expect more vehicles on the roadway. This includes school buses, as well as parents dropping off and picking up their children. Also, keep a close eye on children walking to and from the bus stop.
  • Wet leaves: As leaves make their way to the ground, they can quickly become matted down on the driving surface. If you hit wet leaves at a high rate of speed, you’re more likely to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Rain: The fall season in Pennsylvania is likely to bring plenty of rain. In many cases, it’s accompanied by strong winds, dense fog and even ice. Adjust your driving style to suit the weather conditions.
  • Deer: The fall months are when deer migrate and mate, making them more likely to spend time in close proximity to local roadways. While deer activity picks up during the evening and nighttime hours, you must always beware of these animals.
  • Sun glare: The temperature outside may be dropping, but that doesn’t mean the sun is hiding until next spring. Sun glare is a serious threat to your safety during the fall months, as it decreases your visibility. Protect against this by using your sun visor and wearing high quality, polarized sunglasses.

While you’re taking steps to enhance your safety during the fall months, don’t expect every other driver to do the same. There will always be people who drive the same regardless of the time of year and road conditions.

If a negligent driver causes an accident, move to safety and focus most of your attention on administering first aid to your injuries. After receiving treatment, contact your insurance company and formulate a plan for obtaining compensation for your injuries.

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