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Too many drivers unfamiliar with dangers of rural roads

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania residents who drive on city streets most of the time may be unaware of the peculiar dangers that they could face on rural roads. Unfortunately, many simply assume that because rural roads are not so heavy with traffic, they must be safer. This can create a false sense of security that leads to inattentive and, perhaps, reckless driving.

First of all, most rural roads are two-lane roads, and their lanes and shoulders tend to be narrow. This means drivers must be extra careful about maintaining their lane if they want to avoid a head-on collision on the one hand and a run-off road crash on the other. These roads also lack street lights, making nighttime driving difficult. The possibility of animals darting out in front of the road puts drivers at risk as well.

In the countryside, there are not as many police officers, so negligent or reckless driving becomes a norm. Truck drivers may neglect their seatbelt, for instance, while passenger vehicle drivers may feel fine speeding or drinking and driving.

Should an accident occur on a rural road, victims may experience a delay in medical attention. This is why so many fatal accidents arise in the countryside. Accidents can be avoided, though, if more drivers chose to be alert and on the defensive.

When there are car crashes, victims usually seek compensation from their own insurance company. However, in this state, those whose losses cannot be covered in a first-party claim may file a third-party claim. A lawyer may assess victims’ case and see how much they might be eligible for in medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, vehicle repair costs and more. The lawyer may handle all negotiations, and if a settlement cannot be agreed upon, he or she may take the case to court.