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4 mistakes to avoid after a car accident

| Jul 21, 2020 | Car Accidents

A car accident can instantly make it harder for you to go about your daily life like normal, and serious accidents are common on the roads throughout Pennsylvania. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in 2018 in Pennsylvania, an average of 352 reportable traffic crashes occurred every day in the state.

Even though traffic accidents are common, you may not know how to handle the aftermath of a collision. Avoid making these mistakes to protect your rights and enhance the recovery process.

1. Not collecting personal evidence of the crash

Pictures can help you prove how the car accident happened and solidify who is at fault. Before you move your vehicle from the scene of an accident, try to get as many photographs of the points of impact as possible as well as pictures of other details relevant to the crash, like tire marks on the road.

2. Admitting fault

If you say you are at fault for the accident, you could harm your ability to receive fair and proper compensation. For instance, you should refrain from apologizing to the opposing driver for the accident or tell the opposing insurance company you are at fault.

3. Not going to see your doctor

Even if you did not sustain serious injuries in the car accident, you should still go visit your physician. Sometimes, adrenaline can hide the pain from an injury, so you may not realize you incurred injuries in the accident until later on.

4. Accepting the first offer from the insurance company

The opposing insurance company may provide compensation to cover your medical bills and the cost of fixing your vehicle. However, the first offer the insurance company makes may not cover all the expenses related to the accident. Wait to accept this offer until you understand the full costs of your treatment, vehicle repairs and any rehabilitation you need to recover from your injuries.