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Car accidents are typically caused by human error

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents

Car accidents are among the top ten causes of death in the United States. Annually, 10 million crashes take place in Pennsylvania and throughout the country, and most motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted driving and speeding.

Why you should obey the posted speed limit

As a general rule, speed limits are lower in densely populated areas or in areas that are home to busy intersections. They may also be lower in parts of a city or state where weather conditions or terrain might make driving more difficult. Generally speaking, obeying the speed limit may make it easier to remain in control of your car and make it easier to react in an emergency situation.

Almost anything can distract you while driving

You may be engaging in distracted driving if you take a second to talk to a passenger or eat your lunch while driving to work or school. Using your cellphone to send or receive a text message is another common form of distracted driving. Reading, reaching for an object in your car or applying makeup may also cause you to lose track of road conditions.

Weather conditions can make driving a challenge

Snow, rain and fog can significantly reduce your visibility while driving on a road or highway. If you hit a patch of black ice, you may lose control of your vehicle with little warning. Ideally, you will avoid driving when the weather is bad.

It may be difficult to go to work, go to school or participate in other activities after a car accident. An attorney may use police reports or witness statements as leverage to help you obtain a favorable settlement in a personal injury case. Obtaining compensation may make it easier to pay current or future medical bills.