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Self-driving cars can still be dangerous

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents

There are some people who believe that the future of automobiles will be self-driving cars. There are already multiple companies working on driverless car technology, with Tesla being one of the most prominent figures leading the charge toward self-driving cars. However, the topic is much more complex than some people in Pennsylvania may realize, so here are some reasons why driverless car technology can be dangerous.

Computer malfunctions

A huge reason why driverless cars are potentially dangerous is that the technology is not perfect. There are many technological components that must work together in order for a car to be able to drive itself. If any of these components begins to malfunction, it could lead to a catastrophic motor vehicle accident.

In Houston, a Tesla Model S malfunctioned while driving itself on autopilot, which ended up in a crash that killed two people. Driverless technology only needs to malfunction for a second for an accident to occur, and someone who has their car on autopilot is likely not paying enough attention to quickly take control and steer the car to safety.


Just like any other electronic device that has an internet connection, a self-driving car has the potential to get hacked. If your car were to get hacked while on the road, the hacker could potentially take control and either cause you to crash or force you to go to any location of their choosing. This could be very dangerous, especially for high-profile individuals who would be likely targets for kidnappers.

Increased radiation

Self-driving cars are likely to have large quantities of electromagnetic field radiation. For the car to successfully drive itself, it will need an internal GPS as well as internet connection and sensory technology so that the car knows where to go and sense when it’s too close to other objects. All of these things give off radiation, and too much radiation can cause a multitude of health issues.

The technology for self-driving vehicles is still in its beginning stages. While the industry is seeing an improvement in self-driving technology, these vehicles are still inherently risky.