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Why does distracted driving so easily lead to car accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents

Drivers in Pennsylvania know they aren’t supposed to look at their phones when they’re behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it’s a bad habit that many still engage in despite the laws against texting while driving. Too often, drivers get overly confident that they are safe enough to use their cell phones while they’re operating their vehicles. Even for drivers who have not yet had an accident, this is dangerous.

Where are drivers more likely to use their phones while driving?

A research study that came out of Texas A&M University revealed that drivers are far more likely to use their phones behind the wheel on certain types of roads. Their data uncovered that drivers tend to browse their phones more often when they travel on roads with a shoulder, median, higher speed limit or additional lanes. Oddly, although these features would appear to make cell phone usage while driving even more dangerous and more likely to lead to a motor vehicle accident, the reason behind it is that drivers see these things as buffers.

What can be done about this?

The researchers learned that how often drivers use their phones behind the wheel had a direct relationship with the likelihood of a crash. This is the case for both rural and urban roads alike when there is a shoulder or no shoulder or extra lanes on the road.

Specifically, the goal of the study was to determine new ways to study the behavior of drivers using their phones. It also aims to provide information on that to transportation agencies so that they can create measures that can prevent distracted driving and reduce the risk of an accident.

The researchers garnered data from an application that tracks driving behavior. The data showed that distracted driving, specifically from cell phone usage, was more likely to lead to a crash. Unfortunately, certain drivers were excluded, including those who were older and those who are inexperienced.

Who can help if you’ve been in an accident with a distracted driver?

An attorney can help you if you suffered injuries in an accident with a distracted driver. They can help you prepare your personal injury claim and ensure you get the fairest compensation possible.