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Can your brain injury change your relationships?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Car Accidents

When you deal with brain injuries, you also deal with the potential altering of your life and its current course. After all, moderate to severe (or mild but complex) brain injuries can have lasting impacts on your mental, physical and behavioral health.

It can even influence the health of your relationships. But how does a brain injury influence change in your personal ties? What does this mean for you and your partner?

Rearranging your priorities

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center discusses the ways that TBIs can impact your life. One of the ways that often gets less focus is the fact that your personal relationships often take a hit, changing in ways neither you or your partner could have ever possibly anticipated.

First, you will need to shift your priorities around. As a head injury victim, you must take time to focus on your own recovery. This often means setting aside responsibilities and duties that you held before. If you worked and brought home money, you may need to take time off. If you managed household affairs, you may no longer have the ability to keep up.

This thrusts your partner into a sudden position where they need to adapt to an entirely new set of skills, oftentimes in addition to what they already deal with. This creates a situation of stress and anxiety which can sometimes boil over into frustration and anger.

Changes to personality

On top of that, brain injuries often alter personalities in small or large ways. Many people who go through your situation claim that at times it feels like they are “married to a stranger”. Needless to say, this can put even more strain on an already difficult relationship. It is also why many in your situation go through counseling or therapy to overcome these new and unexpected odds.