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Actions that constitute a breach of contract

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Blog, Business Litigation

When you sign a contract with another party, you both are bound by the terms of that document. While most contractual agreements are upheld, sometimes a breach occurs. Understanding the types of actions that constitute a breach can help you address the problem right away.

There are a few specific actions that qualify as a breach of contract.

One party does not follow through

If one party in the contract does not follow through with their obligations, that failure to honor their responsibilities is a breach of contract. This includes failing to provide materials they agreed to, failing to complete work that they committed to and even failing to meet a deadline.

One party prevents the other from following through

Sometimes, the actions of one party affect the other party’s ability to meet their obligations. If the other party in your contract has done something that leaves you unable to follow through with your obligations under the contract terms, that may constitute a breach on their part.

One party has stated their intention to abandon the contract

If one party in the contract verbally states that they have no intention of following through with the terms, you may have ground to hold them accountable for a breach of contract. In fact, if they take any actions that reinforce that statement, those actions are evidence of their intent to abandon the contract.

These are some common actions that constitute a breach of contract. Protect your interests in any contractual agreement by recognizing the signs of a breach when they happen.