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Understanding delayed pain or injury following car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Car Accidents

While utilizing safe driving practices helps protect you on the road, some circumstances are out of your control. Few people expect to get in a crash when going about their day-to-day activities. However, car crashes lead to thousands of injuries in Philadelphia every year.

Getting the proper care following an accident is vital to your recovery. This includes watching for signs of delayed injuries.

What is a delayed injury?

After an accident, you may not notice any obvious injuries, such as bleeding areas or broken bones. However, even if you initially feel fine, you should consider seeing a doctor just in case. The shock of being in an accident can cause your body not to process pain right away.

A delayed injury is one that begins to bother you in the hours or days following an accident rather than in the immediate aftermath. Unfortunately, just because an injury appears later does not mean it will not cause pain and complications for you going forward.

Common injuries to watch for

Whiplash is a common car crash injury that may not fully appear for a few days following the accident. Head injuries such as concussions can also cause delayed symptoms. You should consider an examination by a doctor as soon as possible after any impact to the head or strain to the neck.

The most common delayed injuries include general stiffness and pain. Also important to consider is the trauma and psychological effects of being in a car crash, which may create a variety of challenges for the person recovering.

If you’ve been in a crash it is a good idea not to ignore your symptoms. Seeing a doctor can help ensure you receive the care you need and document the situation properly.