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What are the first steps executors should take?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Blog, Wills & Estates

In the time right after a parent dies, you may find yourself struggling with being the executor of an estate. Learning about this process can help you handle any stressful moments and stay focused on what is important.

By starting out with a clear plan of what you need to do, this process may become easier.

Find the death certificate

According to Kiplinger, you need to locate and make copies of the death certificate in order to start many of the necessary processes. It is likely that you can get this from a funeral home. After obtaining this certificate, you can then contact the court so that you have official authority over what happens next.

Take charge of the deceased’s personal items

One of the biggest tasks you need to complete is organizing and making an inventory of all the assets the deceased person has. This includes not only physical heirlooms but also bank accounts and tax returns.

Anything of value may be important for future records, such as old stock certificates or any other items they had in their possession at the time of death.

Keep the house organized

As part of this process, you may need to pay special attention to changing the locks on the doors of the deceased’s house. Since some beneficiaries may try to take items, being protective of this place is key. You should also keep it clean regularly as this process continues.

Being an executor is a great honor, so learning about the tasks you need to complete can help you stay calm and collected.