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How to act around aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2018 | Car Accidents

Aggressive drivers are unavoidable in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, so it’s up to other drivers to not aggravate them even more and put everyone on the road at risk. The first step is to stay calm and not give in to road rage. Listening to soothing music could relieve stress, and thinking reasonable thoughts, such as how useless anger is in the present situation, can also help. Drivers must never make offensive gestures or eye contact with aggressive individuals behind the wheel.

People may also dissuade themselves from road rage by remembering that it won’t benefit their health. Even tightly gripping the steering wheel is known to constrict blood flow and lead to headaches. In other situations, such as when a parking spot is stolen, drivers should give the other person the benefit of the doubt, considering the fact that perhaps the other did not see them.

Another thing people can do while driving is to keep some distance from other vehicles in traffic jams and to not weave in and out of lanes as this could provoke some drivers. When another driver is riding their bumpers, individuals should open a passing lane as soon as possible without slowing down or speeding up. They should turn on their right blinker to alert the other driver to their intention, which should prevent him or her from passing on the right.

Should an aggressive driver cause an accident, the victim may want to file an insurance claim against that driver. Since insurance companies can be equally aggressive in denying victims a settlement, it’s a good idea to retain an attorney. A lawyer can also evaluate the case, bring in investigators to find proof of the other party’s guilt and estimate a fair settlement that covers any medical expenses and vehicle repair costs. The settlement could also involve punitive damages since aggressive driving is punishable. Litigation is always an option when negotiations fall through.