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TMJ injuries often linger long after accidents happen

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury

There are many vehicles traveling in and around Bucks County, which can lead to car accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are often violent in nature and tend to inflict injuries caused by blunt force trauma. Injuries to the jaw are especially troublesome as well as extremely painful when temporomandibular joints are damaged. A TMJ injury can make it painful to eat or even talk until healed, and the healing time can be very long.

What a TMJ injury does

A TMJ personal injury affects the joints that connect the jaw to the skull on either side of your head. The joints have a lot of soft tissue that can suffer sprains, strain and other damage. You also might have one or more fractures in the jawbone or within the joint.

A combination of one or more fractures and inevitable soft tissue damage make a TMJ injury especially difficult to treat due to the need to eat and communicate. Many patients wind up eating soft foods until they heal enough to chew without extreme pain.

Car accidents are primary causes of TMJ injuries

The speed and energy from moving vehicles make TMJ injuries more likely to occur. Car accidents are among the most common factors in suffering such an injury due to the potential for suffering a blow from virtually any angle. A rear-end collision could force your head into a dashboard or other object. Even sudden deployment of air bags can contribute to TMJ injuries, especially when the initial blow is coming from the opposite direction.

Medical treatment documents injuries

A TMJ injury might require surgery and take a long time to heal. Your doctor and other health care providers can fully document the type and extent of injuries as well as the amount of pain you feel. That helps to affirm personal injury claims when it is time for the liable party to account for their actions that led to the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney may help present your case.