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Accidents involving distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Car Accidents

Pennsylvania motorists who take part in any activity that causes them to take their attention away from the road in front of them are guilty of distracted driving. These activities can include a wide variety of things like taking a sip of coffee, texting, and paying attention to another person in the car. The common denominator is that all these distractions increase the risk of accidents that could injure other road users.

Distracted driving statistics

One research group polled motorists across the country in January 2021 to get first-hand accounts of distracted driving practices. More than half of the study respondents confessed to eating while driving. Texting while driving represented the second-most common distraction for drivers, with nearly one in four respondents saying they practice this behavior. Just over 11% of survey respondents admit to taking photos while operating a motor vehicle. Six percent say they apply makeup to their faces when behind the wheel. Three percent of respondents admitted to drinking and driving.

Views regarding distracted driving

The research group was also interested in the views respondents had regarding distracted driving. More than 36% of the motorists surveyed agreed that using a cellphone or other mobile device while driving will increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident. However, the same percentage of respondents admitted to taking part in these behaviors regularly. One interesting finding is that less than half of the respondents believe that texting and driving presents a danger similar to driving a car while intoxicated. The responses concern safety experts who believe that they are equally hazardous.

Distracted driving laws

It is illegal to use a hand-held phone or other mobile devices while driving. Drivers caught texting while operating a motor vehicle receive tickets. Distracted drivers also face suspension of driving privileges and higher monthly insurance premiums. These drivers will likely be held liable for any accidents that occur because of their distracted driving.

Distracted drivers are responsible for thousands of dangerous motor vehicle accidents each year. Understandably, People who have been injured by a distracted driver will want to hold the offending party liable for damages. Victims may find it easier to obtain the compensation they need by having the assistance of an attorney.