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What are the most dangerous roads in Philadelphia?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Car Accidents

Philadelphia is a popular tourist destination thanks to the presence of Liberty Bell, but it is also home to more than one million people. The number of residents makes it the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania.

There are thousands of car accidents that occur along the 2,500 miles of roadway around Philadelphia, causing thousands of costly injuries to passengers, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Some roads are more dangerous than others, and these are top locations to take extra precautions.

1. Roosevelt Boulevard

The deadliest road in the entire state of Pennsylvania is the 11 mile stretch of road called Roosevelt Boulevard. It runs through the heart of Philadelphia, and the intersections at Red Lion Road and Grant Avenue receive acclaim as the second and third most dangerous intersections in the country.

2. Delaware Expressway

During rush hour, traffic along the Delaware Expressway in Northeast Philly is hectic and dangerous. The flow of traffic and maze of moving vehicles contributes to accidents with fatalities.

3. Broad Street

Broad Street is one of the major arterial roads for the City of Brotherly Love. Head-on collisions, such as the fiery crash that took place on February 19, 2022, can lead to serious injuries and lifelong disability conditions.

4. Schuylkill Expressway

This expressway is a busy stretch of road that connects the King of Prussia to the city of Philadelphia. Traffic, speed and distracted driving lead to collisions in this location, with past deadly incidents including a bus and a tractor-trailer.

There are devastating consequences for those involved in a car accident on any roadway, but drivers need to pay extra attention in these areas around Philadelphia.