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When a family member dies, you want someone you can trust to sort out the assets and liabilities of the estate and distribute them properly. Whether there was a will or not, there is a fiduciary role that must be played to formally divide up property and debts according to the proper legal process.

At The Swain Law Firm, P.C., we have been offering assistance to executors, administrators and other fiduciaries for decades. We have the experience and knowledge of Pennsylvania law to help you fulfill your legal responsibilities with courtesy and skill.

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Helping You Through The Probate Process

Pennsylvania law has plenty of peculiar terms and processes that govern the distribution of property at death. Each county has a Register of Wills and an Orphan’s Court. Orphan’s Court is a rather archaic term for the court with authority over many aspects of estate administration and probate. Our firm can advise you on how to accomplish what is required, depending on your specific circumstances. This typically starts with submitting letters of administration on behalf of the appropriate fiduciary.

Before anyone can act as an authorized representative of the estate, there must be an application filed and the designated fee paid. There are also other practical steps required before property of the estate can be distributed such as closing bank accounts and putting that money into the estate. We can guide you through the process.

Comprehensive Service For Fiduciaries And Families

In some cases, the validity of a will may be at issue. In other cases, there may be allegations by a beneficiary of self-dealing on the part of a personal representative. Our lawyers are aware of how sensitive these cases can be, with family members pitted against each other. That is why we offer comprehensive service in this area of the law. From preparing wills at reasonable rates to handling estate litigation, we can help fiduciaries and family members respond to all types of needs. In appropriate cases, this includes issues involving trusts, as well as guardianship arrangements. Start getting your estate in order by calling us today at 215-550-1968. Or, if you prefer, complete our email form.