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Did Your Loved One Contract Sepsis Or Another Infection In A Nursing Home?

Sepsis and bacteremia are medical conditions of the bloodstream that results when a severe bacterial or fungal infection gets into the bloodstream. In many cases, sepsis and other hospital infections are preventable by ensuring sterile conditions and proper treatment of open wounds and sores. Sepsis and other bacterial infections sometimes occur in nursing home and hospital patients who lack proper medical care and treatment for bedsores and cuts.

For example, if your elderly loved one begins to exhibit bedsores after living in a nursing home or undergoing medical treatment in a hospital, get them the required medical treatment immediately. There should be no place for neglect in our nursing homes or hospital rooms. The medical malpractice attorneys of The Swain Law Firm, P.C., stand ready to help fight for improved conditions and full money damages.

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What Are The Signs Of Infection?

Some symptoms of sepsis and bacterial blood infections include:

  • Fever, chills and severe shaking
  • Rapid heartbeat and breathing
  • Agitation, disorientation and confused reaction to a normal environment
  • Skin rash, reddish skin discoloration, swelling
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Pain in ankles, knees and other joints

We Will Protect Your Loved One’s Rights

Some of our lawyers are approved by the AARP Legal Services Network based on the excellent services we provide to senior clients. Senior citizens and nursing home residents are among our most vulnerable citizens. They deserve to have their rights aggressively protected when they suffer injuries like sepsis and infections due to poor sanitary conditions. We have been representing individuals and families in nursing home litigation for many years. We know the laws and what juries say about proper standards of care. We work with independent professionals to investigate nursing home cases and past practices that may lead to a successful recovery of compensation. We advance the cost of all case preparation. You pay no attorney fees unless we win money for you.

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