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Study: many PA drivers speed, danger increases with weather

On behalf of Harry Dorian

Pennsylvania drivers are known for speeding, according to a recent study. Weather and alcohol may increase the dangers.

It is interesting to learn that some states are on the safer or more dangerous end of the scale when it comes to traffic accidents. In a recent study conducted by CarInsuranceComparison.com, it was determined that Pennsylvania was one of the top 20 states with the most dangerous drivers. According to Pennsylvania magazine, factors such as failure to obey traffic rules, speeding, drunk driving and careless driving were measured. Pennsylvanian drivers scored fairly well in the failure to obey category, but were considered far more dangerous when it came to speeding-related accidents.

Speeding contributes to more than a quarter of crashes

Driving too fast is a hazard that often takes the back seat when it comes to other traffic issues like drunk driving and texting while driving. However, according to the Governors Highway Association, speed factors in a large portion of vehicular crashes, whether it is the sole factor of an accident or combined with another. IN 2014, 9,262 people were killed in speeding-related crashes across the country. Speeding accounts for 28 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Weather dangers and driving too fast

As if speeding alone is not dangerous enough, weather conditions can multiply the risk. At this time of year, drivers in Pennsylvania will often contend with rain, snow, slush and ice. Black ice in particular is one of the deadliest weather-related driving hazards, especially when combined with high speeds. This type of ice can be difficult to see on the road, especially at night, and is extremely slick. Drivers may reduce their chances of getting into an accident this winter by observing the following precautions:

• Driving slower than the posted speed limit when road or weather conditions are poor

• Giving other vehicles extra room for maneuvering and stopping

• Driving courteously and obeying traffic laws

A recent crash in Kittanning drove home the point of speeding-related dangers. According to authorities, an apparent intoxicated driver may have been speeding at the time he lost control of his vehicle and struck a utility pole and several other objects. The man had also not been wearing his seatbelt. Unfortunately, he was killed in the crash. While no one else was injured in the accident, the incident illustrates how unexpectedly a speeding-related collision may occur, especially when combined with alcohol or weather. If other vehicles had been struck, further tragedies may have been likely.

Motorists in Pennsylvania who were injured by a speeding or negligent driver have the right to pursue compensation for their losses. An experienced personal injury attorney should be able to advice victims on the course of action to take.